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Monday, 20 June 2011

PEC Update

Terms of your agreement to travel on departmental funding and finance.

- All delegates must make it a practice to say "hafa dai" to each other
and especially when greeting others in Pohnpei. It is part of the
promotion of cultural identity.

- Reminders, we will not meet til July 13th and 14th before we leave for
Pohnpei and then continue to push hard on our practice in Pohnpei.
Everyone is expected to be in attendance at these meetings and must bring
uniforms for dress rehearsal and required photo documentations.

- Purchase your fabric at Radhis in Agana, it is reserved under Cathy's
name for the PEC group, it is blue with mostly white and blue flowers and
some yellow. It is 4.99 per yard. Most of you need only 1 and a half. At
the most 2 yards. Just wrap it around once! must wear shorts underneath.

- Marmars must be ordered at Agana Shopping Center, Jin Pui Jewelry,Thai
gold , has a lot of artificial flowers, across from the GTA payment store.
It cost about $10.00 get blue or yellow flowers to match the fabric. Ask
the lady what the others ordered. You must do this yourself so they can
measure your head for a proper fit. Make sure you have this for July mtg.
Moni, I have your ten dollars. So you have to have your head measured when
you get back from Texas and pay the lady. I will give you back your ten
when I return from D.C. if I did not spend it. Esther, do the same when
you get back from King Phillips Island.

- We must practice the song tuleta, the frigate bird in chamorro, and do
the dance, in addition we will hop to the chacha and elektricks slides for
our cultural presentations.

- In Pohnpei we will have free time for you to go on your own if you wish,
however, we must all attend the practices and presentations we will be
assigned too. I will explain at the meeting. Ms. Lynda H-A, will be the
Deputy Coordinator, when I am with the Pacific Teachers of Year. I was
tapped again by the Superintendent to represent Guam's TOY, being the
current GTOY till the next one is selected for 2012.

-Important! bring the gift items you will donating for the gift baskets
for the four families. We will collect them for shipping on July 13th.
Suggestions are: beef jerky, Guam cookies,candies, toiletries,perfumes, be
creative. Again, thanks for the donations!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Attire, PEC Gifts, and Upcoming Performance Practice

Pictured above: Sal Avilla (right) and Anthony Cepeda (left) model the Guam Delegation attire for the PEC 2011, which will be hosted in Pohnpei, FSM July 19-21, 2011

Today's PEC Guam Delegation meeting (6-13-11) was once again held at GW in B200 a little after 1:30 p.m. The agenda consisted of updates from delegation members, including the attire for Pohnpei, upcoming performance practice, and PEC gifts for the delegation's Pohnpeian friends/family who will be hosting them, namely the Neth and Rosario families. The Neth family, coordinated by Shelten Neth, will host a special dinner in honor of the delegation when they arrive on July 18, 2011. They will also be taking them around the beautiful island of Pohnpei, capital of the FSM. The Rosario family, relatives of Drs. Tainatongo and Rivera, will also host a special Sakau Ceremony for the Guam Delegation under the leadership of Marcus and Clara Rosario.

Among the topics that were discussed included the following:
*Everyone is expected to purchase their own white polo shirt. The Guam seal will be sewn in the front and back of the shirt. You may purchase the small Guam seal (front of shirt) and large Guam seal (back of shirt) at the Chamorro village.
*Cora shared the available fabrics she picked up from Radhis.
*The blue fabric wrap was unanimously decided upon after Sal and Anthony modeled using it.
*The wrap is about $15 for 3 yards.
*Rose brought a cultural sample marmar to showcase to the Guam Delegation. She mentioned it was $10, and that if we purchase a large number of them, we could get a discount.
*Joey volunteered to bring shells to our next meeting. These will be used by the Guam Delegation.
*Sal reminded the Guam Delegation that we must wear the PEC Guam Delegation outfit during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.
*The Guam Delegation agreed to wear slip-ons/zories when performing.
*The car rental cost will be split among the Guam Delegation members.
*Agatha discussed about Pa'a AmeriCorps, and Lynda H-A mentioned that she will make arrangements for them to teach the Guam Delegation a simple, yet beautiful cultural dance/songs on Wednesday, June 15 and Thursday, June 16. Some members had time conflicts, but those who are able to attend are committed to teach others who are unable to make it to the practice. Members are asked to come as soon as they're able to, even if they will be running a little late.
*Tina passed around her Guam delegation logo sketches, which will be used for stickers and/or buttons. The picture with the chief was a popular one.
*Dr. Rivera was asked to secure one more hotel reservation for Kos.
*Dr. Rivera reported on the Neth and Rosario families who will be hosting the Guam Delegation. Lynda H-A and Agatha mentioned they could get Bath and Body Works gift baskets. Dr. Rivera also suggested beef jerky. She also mentioned that the Neth family will be arriving on Guam possibly tomorrow en route to the Pacific Islands Bilingual Bicultural Association (PIBBA) Conference, which will be held in Tinian, CNMI next week. As soon as Dr. Rivera gets further information on their arrival, she will e-mail the delegation, and those who are able to make it to the airport are being asked to greet the Neth family.
*A group photo will be taken during our next meeting, so that we may archive it.

Monday, 6 June 2011

PEC 2011 Guam Delegation Led by Sal Avilla

Hafa Adai! The GDOE Superintendent, Dr. Nerissa Underwood, has designated Sal Avilla as the PEC Coordinator for the Guam Delegation. Avilla, who received the PEC Guam Teacher of the Year in 2009, has proven to be instrumental in guiding the Guam Delegation. We have met two times, but in those two meetings, we have discussed a variety of things necessary to prepare ourselves for the Pacific Education Conference in Pohnpei!